Raquel García

Raquel Garcia

My name is Raquel García García, I am 26 years old and I am married.

My name is Raquel García García, I am 26 years old and I am married.

was born in Gerona and I live in a coastal town, called Sant Feliu de Guíxols. My roots are Andalusian, but my family has been trained in Catalonia. We are a humble and hardworking family, the vast majority of them are dedicated to the hospitality sector.

We are three sisters. The oldest, studied administration and finance and set up a small business. The little one is a nursing assistant and is currently still training.

I was very enthusiastic about the world of education. After finishing ESO, I started studying Baccalaureate. Due to my immaturity, I decided to leave it and enter the world of work. After two years of work, I resumed my studies and decided to fight to achieve my dream, which was to be a teacher. I did the tests of access to higher grade, to be able to attend the module of Early Childhood Education.

Although at first, my expectations did not reach how far I have arrived, I am now a technique in early childhood education and I am currently completing the last year of Primary Teaching Degree.

We must value training as an opportunity to grow, both professionally and personally. I am immensely satisfied with my achievements, it has been a hard road, based on effort and perseverance, since I have always had to work and study in turn, but in the end, I am one step closer to reaching my goal.

I would not have reached where I am without the unconditional support of my family and my hope to fulfill my dream.Anyone with motivation and perseverance, can achieve what is proposed. Being a gypsy woman should not subtract, but add!