Sarai Miralles

Sarai Miralles

Hello my name is Sarai, and I'm going to tell you a little of my life.

I am almost thirty years old, at the moment I have no children but a family that does not change it for the world. I’m married to the best person I could find, my parents what I love the most, then I have my sister and the most beautiful gift you can do is giving you a little nephew that I love my Manuel.

I was 16 when I left school ESO and decided to study something that I liked, something about health, and study nursing assistant.

I did internships in hospitals, outpatient clinics, I have been working in hospitals like Tauli with newborns, that bonicos children so little, I loved, I was also with the grandparents in the hospital hope in Barcelona and today I am in a dentist, I started almost 10 years ago, my job was to help the doctor, clean up material, and not much else. Luckily or rather for behavior and want to work, have more desire for more I have been ascending in my job, now apart from being with the doctor, continue cleaning material I am also in charge of all material orders, operating room nurse , I love surgeries, and finally they have made me charge or head nurse…

My parents have given me the opportunity to study to be able to have something in life that they could not do, and the truth is that if I repent of a thing although it is never late, I have not studied more, but I was satisfied but you can always come as far as you want.

The truth that I can not complain about how I am today, I am with my husband in my house that cost us 6 years to reformármela, each one we thank God our work and doing what we most like him to have his horse and I dance flamenco.

In this life I think that we must value ourselves as a woman and be valued, go up each day a step and not for others but for one, study, train to have a good job and tomorrow you will thank himas I thank him now.

I hope you liked my brief short summary of my life, kisses.