By on October 31, 2017


“The INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GYPSY LANGUAGE is celebrated on November 5th in Zagreb at a meeting sponsored by the Romani International Union.” The conference where the agreement was taken was held between the 3rd and 3rd of November 5, 2009 and involved linguists, teachers and, above all, Roma leaders from 19 European countries.

The intention of the conveners was for the Roma language to be recognized as a European language among the other languages of the continent. As indicated in the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, Rromanó should be accepted by both the administrations of the States and by the other national institutions.

Fragment extracted from: | Opinion Articles | Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia | 06-11-2015

For this reason, the Municipal Council of the Gypsy People together with the City Council of Barcelona have organized a series of activities to celebrate this special day for the gypsy people and to remember the importance of the conservation of the Romani language.

Between readings of poems, cinema and exhibitions, we invite you to enjoy!
All activities are free and appropriate for the whole family.
We wait for you all!