Who we are

We are a non-profit organization that, since 1999, fights for the promotion of Roma women and her community, without compromising her identity.

Drom Kotar Mestipen means Road to Freedom in Romani. A path that as a Roma Women’s Association began in 1999 with a common goal: to fight for equality and non-discrimination of Roma women, promoting their participation in educational, social and cultural spaces.

Roma and non-Roma women of different ages, studies, professional profiles and socio-economic levels continue to work towards this goal. A dream that throughout our history we have seen how it has become a reality for many girls, young women and Roma women.

This has been, is and will continue to be the force that drives us to:

  • Work to achieve equality and non-discrimination between women and men within the Roma community.
  • Overcoming the double discrimination suffered by Roma women, based on gender and ethnicity, as well as racism and sexism that generates it.
  • Collaborate with other associations and organizations struggling to achieve equality based on respect for and promotion of their own differences.
  • Promote and enable equal access of Roma women and girls to all educational, social and labour spaces as a way to promote equal rights, opportunities and outcomes among all cultures.
  • To promote the image of the Roma woman as the transmitter and promoter of Roma cultural identity.