By on October 23, 2019

The hall of the Paraninfo of the University of Barcelona brings together for the first time hundreds of Romany women from different parts of Catalonia.
Our Drom Kotar Mestipen Romany Women’s Association has carried out this activity on a regular basis in its recent 20-year history. During these years, educational milestones have been achieved with a great social impact: although in the first conferences that were held the participants did not have university studies, on the 30th November, the University of Barcelona had a table of references from different university profiles.
From our Association we will continue working so that hundreds of other women can share the path of transformation, and fill more educational contexts with Roma people.

Some evidences of the impact of the Trobada that the media have been gathering are the following:


El Diario Feminista

“We as Roma women want the professionals not to decide for us”

Catalunya Ràdio

Jelen Amador, PhD in Sociology: “The university has not made me less a Roma and I have more tools to defend the community”


Catalunya Informació