Methodology / Approach

The DKM prides itself in working closely with Roma women at a grassroots level and ensuring that the most vulnerable are given spaces to be heard and to convene to find the solutions to the various challenges affecting the community. The horizontal, participatory methods employed facilitate dialogic spaces and gives the floor to those Roma women and youth whom are often outside of these conversations.

The congress will have three aspects that will provide contents for the debate and the proposals. The first aspect will be linked to the theoretical and academic action, the second aspect to interventions and practices and the third to the voices of grassroots Roma women. The spaces will have different formats to achieve dialogic spaces between women (speakers, papers, symposiums, workshops, seminars and others).

From Drom Kotar Mestipen we propose that the congress revolves around the following topics: education, health, prevention of gender violence, feminism, health, labour market. In spite of it, it will be during the preparatory session in each country where the topics will be defined and agreed by consensus both the definitive topics of the congress as well as their working approach ( e.g.  Workshops, panels, seminars, roundtables, working groups, etc…).

In order to ensure the success of the congress, there will be an intense prior work of contacting and coordinating work with organisations and women’s groups from all the territories. Like this, we want to involve all the women and movements that want it in the organisation of the congress.