Objectives of the Congress 2018

  1. Promote a positive image of the Roma people, and of the Roma women, acknowledging the situations of discrimination and how those are being overcome and to make visible the solutions and the information that has already been done, that is achieving positive results and that directly affects Roma women and the Roma people in general.
  2. Study in depth gender inequalities and promote gender equality and collective work between Roma men and women for building a more egalitarian society.
  3. Broaden and strengthen a network of Roma women that promotes the dissemination of practices that overcome situations of inequality.
  4. Strengthen the Roma Women’s network and establish contacts with other networks or groups in order to multiply the work of raising awareness and knowledge about the Roma people, in general and on the Roma women in particular and to break the isolation in which they find themselves.
  5. Break the silence on situations of gender violence and promote a peaceful and enriching coexistence between men and women.
  6. Disseminate and amplify the voice of Roma women.